miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011


1.- You did well

2.- Remember when...

Hi there!!
Long time no see :)
These are two quick sketches from the show "NCIS". Two little scenes I had in my mind

1.- "After a gruesome case, Tony pays Gibbs a visit. They talk about non-consequential stuff, they drink, they even share a few laughs, and Tony ends up falling asleep on Gibbs couch"

2.- "Abby is visiting Kate's grave and she doesn't need to make her wear gothic clothes anymore. She sees her like she was back then and she listens to her like she usually did"

Even if you don't watch the show you can comment on the drawings ;p
I'm trying to make a deal between a cartoon style and a more realistic style... I think I nearly nail it on the second one :)

BTW the first one is not Yaoi nor Slash, so shush about that

See you!!!

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Anónimo dijo...

These 2 are so sweet and beautiful. Wonderfully done.